I Love Snooping Around in the Ancient Town of Huangyao, Guilin - Los Angeles Fine Art Photographer

You know how much I value the original flavors of a place when I travel, especially if it's an ancient town like Huangyao (黄姚), Guilin in China.  Add in the quietness and the rain in the morning; oh man, I'm absolutely in heaven. I consider it a success when I'm able to make this image, when the actions are real and, AND (emphasis added), it was not ruined by my "assistente" (if you want to see what I mean by ruining my image of the original flavor, see this post about another ancient town Xitang (西塘), China :-)). Do you like what I've done to bring back to you guys/gals?


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What Part of History Did This Image Capture? - Los Angeles Fine Art Photographer

I guess we’d all agree that at the flickering of shutter, one split second of history is captured.  As I was processing one image taken at the village of Hongcun, China, one with a history of 900 years, my initial intention was to present to my audience a historical setting where life carried on in those hundreds-year old houses, around the water.  Yet, interestingly, the same life still goes on in the same buildings by the same (amazingly unpolluted) water.  So, which part of history did this image capture?  The one that was lived through by our ancestors?  Or the one that we are living now?

Copyright Jean (Jiaying) Huang

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Photography brings us closer - Los Angeles Travel Photographer

Advanced means of transportation have made a huge difference in how we do business and how far we get to travel to in our lives.  Although I've been travelling and taking photographs for  years, not until today did I realize how close I can be with somebody, brought together by photography.If you remember, I made a trip to Vietnam and Cambodia in November of 2010.  While every city that we visited was amazing, Hoi An remained one of favorites due to it's diverse culture background and colorful architecture.  So you may remember this image that I've posted on my Facebook fan page or on Flickr.

Street Scene in Hoi An, Vietnam - Fine Art - ©Jean Huang Photography
Street Scene in Hoi An, Vietnam - Fine Art - ©Jean Huang Photography

Can you believe just one month earlier, someone took an image at the same spot?  Mind you, it's on an off-beat street that I don't think every tourist visits and this lady lives all the way in Catalonia.  What can I say?  Great minds think alike! :-)

Hoi An

P.S. I have to say it's pretty amazing that the same bike was still there a month later, not locked.  But the bananas had disappeared.  Any clue? ;-)

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