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A much welcomed surprise in my kitchen recently had me think about this trip to the area in China that's known for this type of food for centuries.  Granted, I'm a trained microbiologist (that happened in one of my past lives), the whole thing about tofu being covered by cotton-like fluff that originated from the air is just mythical.  Even after tasting the food there, and even having watched the documentary by CCTV1 (China's national TV station), it's beyond my wildest imagination to create something like these cotton balls in my own kitchen.

In my mind, this food belongs to a place and people where it carries hundreds of years of history, where tofu (and many other types of food) is still sold on carrying poles, clothes dried in the open air and laundry done in the pond in front of their houses that were constructed and carved back in the Ming and Qing dynasties, and don't forget the  Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.  OK, this last part was a joke with you all.  But the movie was filmed there.



Then, on my journey to seek traditional food preparation methods, the cotton balls made their presence in the most unexpected way in my house, on a fine spring day.  It seems they've been around all this time, including the years after the trip while I constantly reminisce about the incredible food, only waiting for the prime opportunity to debut.  So, is it the mental readiness that it's waiting for or that I started drying clothes in the open air?  Enlighten me, please.     



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What Part of History Did This Image Capture? - Los Angeles Fine Art Photographer

I guess we’d all agree that at the flickering of shutter, one split second of history is captured.  As I was processing one image taken at the village of Hongcun, China, one with a history of 900 years, my initial intention was to present to my audience a historical setting where life carried on in those hundreds-year old houses, around the water.  Yet, interestingly, the same life still goes on in the same buildings by the same (amazingly unpolluted) water.  So, which part of history did this image capture?  The one that was lived through by our ancestors?  Or the one that we are living now?

Copyright Jean (Jiaying) Huang

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Peaceful Little Village being Brought back in Fine Art Photography - Los Angeles Fine Art Photographer

They say photographers like to travel.  I'm no exception.  And when designing the itineraries, the choices of locations are largely revolved around whether there are photographic opportunities. I've longed for a visit to the ancient village of Hongcun, China, one that was founded in the Southern Song Dynasty (about AD. 1131-1162), with a history of about 900 years.  This village was touted for its water system that runs through all residents and provides daily water usage.

At the heart of the village is the Moon Pond, which is surrounded by houses and ancestral temples.  As a person being immersed in the facilities of a modern country like the US, it's amazing to watch residents of the village carry on their daily lives by the water, starting early in the morning washing clothes.

This image was taken in front of an ancient residence, exemplifying the traditional architectural style of the area and the little village life.

©Jean (Jiaying) Huang

This image would make a beautiful decoration to your home, bringing peacefulness to your daily life, when processed on a piece of aluminum (i.e., metal print).  Please contact me if you are interested in more details.

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