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Advanced means of transportation have made a huge difference in how we do business and how far we get to travel to in our lives.  Although I've been travelling and taking photographs for  years, not until today did I realize how close I can be with somebody, brought together by photography.If you remember, I made a trip to Vietnam and Cambodia in November of 2010.  While every city that we visited was amazing, Hoi An remained one of favorites due to it's diverse culture background and colorful architecture.  So you may remember this image that I've posted on my Facebook fan page or on Flickr.

Street Scene in Hoi An, Vietnam - Fine Art - ©Jean Huang Photography
Street Scene in Hoi An, Vietnam - Fine Art - ©Jean Huang Photography

Can you believe just one month earlier, someone took an image at the same spot?  Mind you, it's on an off-beat street that I don't think every tourist visits and this lady lives all the way in Catalonia.  What can I say?  Great minds think alike! :-)

Hoi An

P.S. I have to say it's pretty amazing that the same bike was still there a month later, not locked.  But the bananas had disappeared.  Any clue? ;-)

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A real beauty brought back from Vietnam - Los Angeles Travel Photographer

I realized that it's been months since our trip to Vietnam and Cambodia and I've been guilty of not sharing enough beautiful images from it.  This one stuck in my mind even during the trip. It was the day that we arrived in Hanoi.  The weather was perfect and we took an easy afternoon stroll along the lake near our hotel.  It turned out to be a popular day (or season) for bridal portraits.  We must have run into at least 5 couples within an hour.  This bride-to-be in her traditional costume, with the soft rays on her shoulder, was simply too beautiful to pass up for me.

So here's my take on her bridal portraiture:

Bridal portraiture at Hanoi, Vietnam - ©Jean Huang Photography
Bridal portraiture at Hanoi, Vietnam - ©Jean Huang Photography

Anybody knows this beautiful bride?  I would love to send her a print.

A New Year, Brand New Opportunities to Have Fun with Photos - Los Angeles Photographer

© Jean Huang Photography Hello all my friends, happy 2011!!!  I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all your support in the past year.  Without your visits to this website and your insightful comments, it wouldn't have been as much fun to keep posting. :-)

To express my appreciation, Jean Huang Photography would like to kick off the new year by having "How Much Fun Can You Have With Holiday Pictures" photo contest.

Winning is easy:

1. Become a fan of Jean Huang Photography by clicking the "like" button (at

2. Submit, to the wall of the above-mentioned fan page, as many fun* photos taken during the holidays (Christmas and/or New Year) as you'd like. Make sure your photo(s) are "rated G" (i.e., safe for all ages).  Again, no limit on number of photos to submit.

3. Now, here's the fun part: Vote for fun* photos by "liking" them. And promote your photos to gain as many "likes" as possible.  So friends and family are important people in your life, in this contest. :-)

4. Deadline to submit and vote is 12:00 AM on Monday January 10th, 2011.

5. Pictures with the most "likes" go home with a prize (Note: each picture is a separate entry. The picture with the most "likes" wins).

6. Number of winning pictures is determined by number of fans as of the cut-off date of the contest (i.e.,12:00 AM US Pacific Time on Monday January 10th, 2011). One winning photo for every 65 fans.

7. Ready? Set?  Go! Start having fun*, NOW!

*Fun = special, unique, emotional, sweet, ......, fun!

P.S. What's the prize, you might ask.  As I hinted at the end of last year, I was making a 2011 calendar with some of the beautiful pictures taken in Vietnam and Cambodia.  What better way to experience the beauty of South-east Asia, for a whole year, without the expenses of traveling?

© Jean Huang Photography