Morocco, Part 1 of Many - Los Angeles Travel Photographer

The imagined exoticism of Morocco brought us there.  What we learned in three weeks though only adds to the complexity that this country falls nothing short of in people, culture and history.

For the sake of being fair and of providing balanced perspective on this country, I will let my images do the speaking.  This is one time where I struggle to put thoughts into words and resort to what I do better anyway.  This time, it's not a matter of preference, it's necessity.      



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A Beauty in its Tradition - Hoi An, Vietnam - Los Angeles Photographer

When I travel, I seek out things of tradition, things that carry a long history with them. As everywhere in this world, people are in a rush to demolish the old and build the new, those things are harder to locate and become rarity in many cases. So I consider myself lucky when I was able to capture this lady, so elegantly passing by the water in her traditional outfit ("Ao Dai") when I was already enjoying a visual feast in the ancient town of Hoi An, Vietnam.

What has become a rarity to you that you grew up with?

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