New Year

The Much Anticipated 2012 Calendar is Here

For those of you that know about a tradition that we've carried on for years at Jean Huang Photography, I know you've been anxious to see the new year's calendar.As a tradition, we make a new calendar with the select few images from our travels during the year.  This is our way of sharing our passion with our beloved clients.  This year, it’s Japan!



The calendar made its début at an event yesterday.  And it's definitely received lots of "woos" and "aahs".

Visit this page under the "Holiday Gifts".  Sit back, watch the slide show and enjoy the colors of Japan unfold in front of your eyes.

If you've seen our calendars from previous years, you'd know the quality of paper and images that go into them.  In fact, this year, we've made them even better.  They are now 11″x17″ calendars with nice sized images (roughly 8″x10″) guaranteed to impress.

If, and that’s an "if", you are compelled to own one for yourself or give as a gift, call or e-mail or fill out a form for Jean Huang Photography. :-)

A New Year, Brand New Opportunities to Have Fun with Photos - Los Angeles Photographer

© Jean Huang Photography Hello all my friends, happy 2011!!!  I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all your support in the past year.  Without your visits to this website and your insightful comments, it wouldn't have been as much fun to keep posting. :-)

To express my appreciation, Jean Huang Photography would like to kick off the new year by having "How Much Fun Can You Have With Holiday Pictures" photo contest.

Winning is easy:

1. Become a fan of Jean Huang Photography by clicking the "like" button (at

2. Submit, to the wall of the above-mentioned fan page, as many fun* photos taken during the holidays (Christmas and/or New Year) as you'd like. Make sure your photo(s) are "rated G" (i.e., safe for all ages).  Again, no limit on number of photos to submit.

3. Now, here's the fun part: Vote for fun* photos by "liking" them. And promote your photos to gain as many "likes" as possible.  So friends and family are important people in your life, in this contest. :-)

4. Deadline to submit and vote is 12:00 AM on Monday January 10th, 2011.

5. Pictures with the most "likes" go home with a prize (Note: each picture is a separate entry. The picture with the most "likes" wins).

6. Number of winning pictures is determined by number of fans as of the cut-off date of the contest (i.e.,12:00 AM US Pacific Time on Monday January 10th, 2011). One winning photo for every 65 fans.

7. Ready? Set?  Go! Start having fun*, NOW!

*Fun = special, unique, emotional, sweet, ......, fun!

P.S. What's the prize, you might ask.  As I hinted at the end of last year, I was making a 2011 calendar with some of the beautiful pictures taken in Vietnam and Cambodia.  What better way to experience the beauty of South-east Asia, for a whole year, without the expenses of traveling?

© Jean Huang Photography

2010 is leaving us. I'm working madly to hold on to the tail-end of it. - Los Angeles Photographer

You know what I've noticed about myself lately?  When many others are spending time away from work, my speed of posting is up.  Is it seeing 2010 coming to an end and trying to hold on to it?  Or is it the season that's even more inspiring for creativity?  No matter what it is, I'm playing hard these days (to me, work is play).  Shhh...don't tell my husband although he's been suspecting that most of what I do is playing. :-) The other day, when I was passing by a row of maple trees, beautifully dotted with hot red leaves, an idea popped into my mind.  I had to turn around to them.

You see, most of the "pretty stuff" (some call it home decor) in our house come from nature or our travels.  This time, it's the marriage of both.  From one of our trips to Taiwan, we brought back a beautiful, subtly toned vase.  When I saw the maple leaves, something in my head said they would look nice in that vase.  So, here's what turned out:

© Jean Huang Photography

One vase, one sprig of maple, an art piece to be put on my wall.  What can I say, life is full of beauty!  Enjoy what it has to offer, my friends!

P.S.  I did apologize to the tree for "stealing" the sprig from it.

P.P.S. Any image in the Fine Art Photography category can be purchased to adorn your beautiful home.  Please contact me for sizes and presentation options.  Many easy to install solutions to be recommended.